Thursday, June 12, 2014

She is....

She was the most unplanned surprise of my life. 
She was my biggest fear.
She was the unknown.
She changed me. 
She was perfect. 
She held no record of my wrongs but only knew how to love.
She loved me in my search.
She grew as I grew.
She broke down my walls..... and when everyone else was gone....she was there. 
She kept me accountable to do good by simply existing. 
She was easy to forgive for what I didn't know. 
She showed me grace when I was learning how to raise her. 
She is kind to everyone around her. 
She is not bitter. 
She is full. 
She is joy.
She dances anywhere.
She is not afraid to be who she is even if she looks crazy.
She is witty. 
She is hysterical. 
She has never once complained. 
She has never asked me for anything. 
She always said I was more than enough for her. 
She believed that I could do it on my own. 
She is love.
She is grace. 
She is adored by her brother. 
She is my greatest choice. 

Jaslyn, Jazz, Jaslynton, JT, Jazzers, Jazzy BooBoo, Special Jazz.....

You are loved, adored and cherished. 

Happy 14th Birthday! I love you Sweet Girl. 



  1. Love this Nikki! Miss you guys! Happy Birthday Jaslyn...xoxo

  2. "She is my greatest choice"...Love that. Happy birthday Jaslyn