Thursday, September 18, 2014


As time goes by I see a new trend on the rise!  Women everywhere are clambering to swim multiple laps in the fountain of youth! The ever growing need to maintain a face of no wrinkles or any indication of a full life is making the cosmetic surgery community a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a lucrative career path.

The rise of middle-aged club goers is increasing. As well, the much despised, "Selfie Epidemic" is hitting our nation's Baby Boomers. They're even posting selfies that boast a 12 inch cleavage.

Now don't get me wrong, beauty covers all the ages! Go out into the world and work what your Daddy gave ya!

However, can we not do this while looking respectable and classy?

My biggest fear is that, by women running away from the new stages that life brings, we then lose powerful leaders for our next generation of women! Our society is already at an all time high of selfishness and vanity!  The most popular married people include Yeezus and Kim K, YIKES! Am I the only one a bit worried for the following generations?

I plan on aging gracefully to the best of my ability, but of course,  I'm only human!  I will most definitely do what I can to look my best. I'm not afraid of a little filler for my dark circles or a harsh chemical peel. I truly can't say in ten years that I won't try a little dabble.

Most importantly, I plan on NOT trying to relate to my daughter.  I do not want to relate to what my daughter is going through! I want to guide her and be a sounding board for her journey. How can we lead our young ladies if we are trying to be on the same level?

I think we need to stop glorifying this idea that, "A mother is most beautiful when she looks like a sister!"  We need to start acknowledging and praising the beauty of the wisdom and age.

I'm trying to raise a teenage daughter right now. It is probably the most difficult thing I've ever done. Nursing her in a Logan's Steakhouse bathroom stall at 18 is nothing compared to mothering a High School student! Lord be with me.

I am looking for WOMEN who can give advice and wisdom in my situation.

I am running far, far away from the moms who are trying to be cool, trying to wear the body fitting spandex of the early 90's and posting Insta pics of their "Big Night Out" at the clubs in Vegas. No! No! No!

Tell me how to raise a young woman who is virtuous! Tell me how to encourage my daughter to embrace and love who she is. Tell me how to instill self-confidence and self-acceptance to a teen who is smack dead in the middle of a self-seeking society.

Where are these women? This idea of a woman is what we should strive to be and not the opposite. I know they are out there and thank God we have some remaining. Lord knows we need them.

Instead of trying to hang on by a dangling thread to the youth that's left we should be walking with our heads held high. With that esteem and confidence we should walk into the next new beautiful season of our lives. We should gracefully give insight to those after us on how to have class and equip them to be examples to the generations after them.

More than anything we need women who will be women. If not, our girls will never know what a real woman is.


  1. God bless you Nikki for what you believe in!!! :) :) :)

  2. That was so encouraging as a mom of a toddler. But something to really think about through the stages of her precious life. Thanks for posting that!